General Sikorski’s traces in London

A short post today. Recently we had a 73rd anniversary of Gibraltar aircrash. Three years ago I attended at the Polish Embassy in London a ceremony celebrating 70th anniversary of the catastrophe. You can read about it here. Don’t worry though, I won’t try to unravel the mystery of the aircrash today. With a nice weather I decided to visit a place where general Sikorski frequented quite often. I’m talking about Hotel Rubens of course. Today a luxurious hotel, between 1940 and 1943 this building was used as Polish Military Headquarters and Sikorski’s office (who was a Prime Minister and Commander in Chief). This is commemorated by plaque at the entrance to the hotel but I doubt the hotel guests are interested in the history of the place.

It looks like a heat wave is going to hit UK so I’ll try to use this opportunity to visit a few more places in London, including a couple of cemeteries.


One of the last pictures of general Sikorski, taken in Gibraltar on 4th July 1943


Hotel Rubens today


A commemorative plaque at the entrance to the hotel

Stay safe and enjoy the sun!

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2 thoughts on “General Sikorski’s traces in London

  1. A.G. Sadowski

    Interesting. I don’t know how I got on your list.

    I’m currently pursuing recovering my dad’s golden saber, (awarded to him in 1936 for being first in his class at the Naval Academy in Gdynia), which they bought knowing I was trying to find it.

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