And now for something completely different

The topic of today’s post will be slightly different from the previous ones. It is going to be about our RTW trip. I’m so excited that I’ve even started counting down days till my last day at work… My dear wife thinks I’m crazy but I don’t care – only 329 days left!!!

Where did the whole idea come from? Well, I described my reasons in “About me” so feel free to read about it. In a few words, the idea is that wherever I go I’ll try to find some Polish traces and write about it of course. And I think there is no place in the world without any Polish traces… I already have a few Poles in mind but first I want to get to those places, take a few pictures and then share the knowledge with you, Dear Readers 😉

I was asked what traces can I find on Easter Island…? 🙂  Well, even if it’s only a graffiti in Polish saying “Tony was here”, that is a reason good enough for me to go there.

I’ve attached a highly professional map with our itinerary. Of course the plan may and probably will change during the trip. If you check any of the travel blogs you’ll easily notice that plans do change. I’m sure that we’ll hear about must-see places and must-do things along the way. I remember breakfasts at a hostel in Madrid. Every morning, one of the seasoned travelers was telling his stories and every morning he was surrounded by a bunch of listeners. I can’t confirm if his stories were true or not, because I could only hear a calling of the streets of Madrid. But the fact is people love to talk about their travels and very often they are a very good source of information.

Highly professional map 🙂

Just in case my map is not readable, I’ll write a few words about the Big Plan.

From our beloved Wroclaw we’ll go to Ukraine. We want to see Western Ukraine and the Crimea. From Crimea we want to fly to Uzbekistan. In each country we plan to spend approximately 4 weeks. From Tashkent a quick and hopefully safe flight to Delhi. We won’t stay in India very long. We want to see Delhi, Agra, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Varanasi. Next stop will be Nepal. We’re thinking about semi-difficult trek with Himalayas in the background. We wanted to go to Tibet, but because you need a special permit, buy a “trip”, plus you never know when Chinese decide to close the borders, Tibet will have to wait. From Nepal we’ll fly to China. We don’t exactly know yet what do we want to see there but I’d like to visit Harbin, a city in NE China. City that was founded by Poles building a railway for Tsar in nineteenth century. After China we’ll visit SE Asia, starting in Vietnam and finishing in Thailand. I think 3-4 weeks for each country should do. From Thailand we’d like to go to Malaysia and Indonesia. We’re still not sure about Philippines, but I guess we’ll see when we get there.

Next stop will be Aussie land. We’ll do only east coast, because this country is just too big and too expensive. A short flight and we’ll land in Middle-earth, I mean Maori land 🙂

The last stage will be Latin America. So far we have Chile with Easter lsland, Argentina, Brasil (recently added), Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Panama and Mexico on the list. But because we don’t need visas there, we’re quite open-minded about the route. We’ve decided to go to Patagonia and I’d love to see Strait of Magellan, but like I said the itinerary is not set in stone yet.

Recently I’ve started thinking  we may be over planning a wee bit, but the worst scenario is… we’ll save too much and we’re going to travel even longer. Just in case we still have money in Mexico, we might go to USA and Canada, buy a car and just drive around…

So that’s the Big Plan… at the moment. I still have a few months left, so I’ll keep saving, reading and blogging.

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