Deportations of Poles to Siberia in the 16th-20th centuries

Exactly 80 years ago, deportations of Poles to Siberia began. Probably all Poles know about this fact, I myself mentioned those deportations here. I have also mentioned the fate of some of the children who survived Siberia here. But I decided today to tell you about Polish connections with Siberia, which began as early as the 16th century, which is why I present, with tiny changes, my speech, which I gave at the Kresy-Siberia Foundation Conference in Warsaw last September.

Few people know lyrics of the Siberian March, the anthem of the Sybiraks (Poles exiled to Siberia by Russians) – the text of this song, however, begins with the Bar Confederation, and Poles started arriving in Siberia a little earlier. Therefore, the 16th century will be my starting date and the end will be 1939, but not because President Putin stated that there was no Soviet invasion of Poland in 1939, but because of the common knowledge of the subject of deportation of Poles during World War II.


“Cossacks led by Yermak conquer Siberia” – a painting by Vasily Surikov painted in 1895.

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FB group


To those of you who think I’ve left the project behind, don’t worry – I haven’t. I’ve become quite active on my FB page, posting pretty much every day interesting information about Poles around the world. Please join me here:









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Saint Lucy’s Day

13 December is a special day in Sweden. On this day Saint Lucy’s Day is celebrated (Sankta Lucia) and is accompanied by specific celebrations.


Saint Lucy’s Day concert

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25 medals

Three days ago, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of regaining independence. We celebrated the occasion in various ways – hanging out the Polish flag, taking part in the independence march, singing all the verses of the Dąbrowski Mazurka…

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Neither in desert nor in wilderness

I have no idea what stopped me from translating this post straight away but I’m catching up now.

I went to Morocco in July 2013 with the intention of visiting a friend from high school, who lives with her husband Nabil and son Kamil in Casablanca. Life, however, wrote a different scenario (of which Ania reminds me until today 😛) and I spent only three days in Casa. I visited Morocco during Ramadan Continue reading

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Visiting Kaunas and Trakai

When I was recently looking for something on English version of my blog I’ve realized that I haven’t translated my entry from Kaunas, which ends my Lithuanian saga. Well, the time has come then. Continue reading

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Marcin’s winter adventure

Despite the unexpected attack of winter in Europe it’s impossible to hide the fact that the spring is approaching with big steps. I will end the winter period with blog entry. During the first weekend of March Sweden hosted an annual 90-kilometre Vasa Race (Swedish: Vasaloppet) in Sweden. This race takes place in the Dalarna county which symbol is the so-called Dalarna Horse (Swedish: Dalahäst) and is part of the so-called Winter Week, when different length races take place. Two years ago in February I spent a few days there, let me then describe my experiences.


Dalarna Horse

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First Polish explorer

I mentioned on my Polish Trace Around the World Facebook page Benedict the Pole, who explored East before Marco Polo. This is his story. Continue reading

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Poles in East Africa

I have already described my adventures in Africa so now it’s time for some “Polish traces”. As for Polish explorers and travellers in Africa they most often went to North Africa. In East Africa there were only a few of them but their exploits are worth the description. Continue reading

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Warning, mines!

A few days ago, when I posted about Jozef Kosacki on my blog’s FB page I wanted to add a link to the actual entry on my blog and I realized that I haven’t translated it to English 😦 Here it goes then.

The fact that the Poles “broke” the Enigma code is probably widely known but we have one more invention that saved lives of thousands but let me build up the excitement first.

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